benfits of using luminess air

Luminess Air makeup system has been specially made to help apply makeup evenly all over the face with a pen like pump. This helps the application of makeup easy and fast within seconds. Tiny spray of foundations sprayed through the use of the luminess air nozzle on the face or any area of the face. This system is also used by many red carpet celebrities and fashion stars.

The luminess air system comprises of pigments, resins, additives etc. Obviously the manufacturers of luminess air kit have their own secret recipes that are made up of proprietary ingredients, which has made them stand out from the competition. Most professional artists demand for professional makeup kits for long lasting effects and the makeup that is very resistant to sweat, dust and water too. And I am telling you that luminess air brush has all these qualities. Luminess air kits company supply various types of professional airbrush kits for beauty industries and for individuals’ personal use too.

Luminess air is getting more improvements over the years. There has been an improvement in the foundation for the makeup kit and this has resulted in a high demand of the product.  They have also come up with verities of ingredients which meet high standard and are good for professional makeup. Luminess air is one of the makeup kit companies that produce makeup that are hypoallergenic and made of high quality pigments which are more beneficial for those with skin problems.

How to use luminess air makeup kits

Most of the celebrities, models, musicians etc make use of luminess air makeup kit because it creates a smooth, beautiful, photoshop throughout the day and it is the number one choice for photographs. Most airbrush makeup kits have no oil based solvent in other not to reflect light.

How Luminess Air Works

It is very easy. A little amount of specialized foundation makeup is sprayed onto the face using the air pump. The result is smooth flawless beautiful face and it is going to remain like that all day long.

Components of Luminess air kit for easy application

  • Airbrush Compressor
  • Hose - connects the wand and the compressor
  • Airbrush wand – Also known as pen
  • Makeup foundation

People who start using luminess air for the first time get all the component listed above. Once you have purchased the Luminess airbrush kits, all you need is the foundation to enjoy it. The airbrush kits range from price of $120 to $600 and once you have one you can go for the foundation which is just $15 to $20 price. Luminess air kit is also portable for both home use and for travelling.

Kind of luminess air foundation to buy

If you are looking for the foundation to buy I will give two types of foundations you can buy.
These two types of foundations are silicon based and water based.  Silicon based foundation are good as it creates flawless look. However you need a dedicated airbrush make up system that is according to the foundation you like.

Luminess Air Advantages

  • Special effects like stencil tattoos can be applied easily
  • It provides long lasting effects. It can stay as long as 20 hours.
  • You can share makeup with someone else as it is sanitary and does not touch the skin.
  • You can use on legs to hide veins and marks


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